Sedona Car Club

Sedona Car Club

.....In The Beginning

The Sedona Car Club was organized in July 1982 after a group of car enthusiasts, now charter members, decided to form a club for fun, fellowship and exchanging automobile information.

The purpose of the club is to promote, preserve and maintain motor vehicles of special interest or historical value. Vehicle ownership is not required.

In the fall of 1984 the Club bought a building to be used as a meeting place, museum and a garage to work on cars. A few months after buying the building, the club received an offer to sell the property that it couldn't pass up. With the Club on a sound financial basis, the organization began to take shape – the by-laws, membership requirements, meeting places and the election of officers. Our logo was designed by Bill Harrison and Linda Herrman published the first issue of Tire Tracks the Club’s monthly newsletter designed to keep members abreast of activities, events and news.

Driving tours, picnics, outings, garage tours and dinners are some of the activities members enjoy.

General meetings are held monthly at the Sedona Public Library in West Sedona.

Charter Members

Bob Boydston Ken Klein Bill Butler Dave Lang
Ron Campbell Paul Lever Leeds Chesshir Dick Menard
Ernie & Loraine Cousins John Patrick Lou & Kay Deratany Rod Rawlins
David Ellsworth Dick Riley Jack Ganaway Bill Ritter
Stan Harasz Jack Stratton Bill Harrison Gus Switzer
Richard & Flora Hayes Bill & Faith Van Buskirk Linda Herrman Dwight Van Evera


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