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2021 Club Events, Meetings and Other Car Stuff

Club Meetings, Events, Tours and Other Car Events

The Sedona Car Club has begun limited post-pandemic events and gatherings.

The Club meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM at the Sedona Public Library at 3250 White Bear Rd. The meeting begins with club business discussion, usually followed by a guest speaker, and concluded with treats and a social gathering

Tours & Events Director schedules the car cruises, lunches, parades and other fun activities. The following calendar is the most up-to-date list of what is scheduled so far.

Arizona and The Verde Valley have a wide variety of car-related events and activities. The following lists the events from other car clubs in the area. Many supporting worthy causes and community programs.

Club Meetings, Events and Tours

Regional Car Event

February 2/02 - Board Meeting
March 3/02 - Board Meeting
3/06 - Litter Lifter
April 4/06 - Board Meeting
May 5/04 - Board Meeting
5/20 - Cruise to Dead Horse Ranch State Park and Picnic
June 6/01 - Board Meeting
July Summer Hiatus - No Meetings
August 8/03 - Board Meeting
8/10 - First Post-Pandemic Club Meeting
September 9/07 - Board Meeting
9/14 - Club Meeting
October 10/02 - Car Show
10/05 - Board Meeting
10/12 - Club Meeting (cancelled)
10/16 - Litter Lifter
10/27 - Road trip to Payson with lunch at the Crosswinds Restaurant at the Payson Airport
November 11/02 - Board Meeting
11/09 - Club Meeting
December 12/07 - Board Meeting
12/14 - Christmas Dinner Celebration


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