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October 8th, 2013 Club Meeting

Ed Mezulis from the Sedona Fire Department spoke to the group this month. Ed is a paramedic for our Fire Department and brought some of the equipment used in the ambulance during emergency calls. He has been with our Fire Department for a number of years and seen the improvement in patient survival. The advanced technology tools allow paramedics to directly communicate with emergency room physicians at the Verde Valley Medical Center. This provides the necessary information to physicians to make the diagnosis while the patient is in route to the hospital. The hospital can have the necessary facilities prepared and ready for the patient when the ambulance arrives.

Ed Mezulis was the paramedic that responded to the aid call for Larry Currie's heart attack this spring. Had it not been for Ed's skill and the tools available on the ambulance communicating with the cardiologist, Larry would not have survived. Remarkable...!

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