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August 25th, 2016 - Hopi Lands Tour

This month's event was a guided tour of Hopi Lands by Blue Feather Tours, a local Sedona tour company.

Our bus driver was very knowledgeable of the history, geology, archeology and culture of the local tribes. Also, our Hopi guide on First Mesa was exceptional. Everyone had a great time....

We stopped for a brief visit at the Little Painted Desert outside of Winslow. Then, on to First Mesa for a tour of the pueblos, Second Mesa for lunch at the Hopi Cultural Center, a stop at Oraibi which is purported to be one of the oldest continuously inhabited settlements founded before 1100 CE. Finally, on to Tuba City and back to Sedona.

Note that the only pictures were at our stop at the Little Painted Desert. This is because pictures on the reservation are prohibited.

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